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Wedding at Laurel Creek Manor – Stephen and Jocelyn

September 25th started out as a grey day and then it became a rainy day. Not so unusual in the Puget Sound area for late September but the garden of Laurel Creek Manor was where Jocelyn Byers and Stephen Randalf Jaeger were hoping to be married surrounded by the beautiful flowers and greenery. So they moved the ceremony indoors. We were warm and dry inside as the rain poured down outside. A funny thing happened towards the end of the ceremony. Just as they were proclaimed husband and wife, the rain ceased and brilliant sunshine burst through the clouds. As Jocelyn and Stephen walked down the aisle and came out into the daylight the sun kissed them on both cheeks with its rays. Jocelyn and Stephen are one joyful couple and it was a pleasure to hang out with them and their friends. Monica Frisell and I had a great time photographing their day and we got a good number of wonderful moments preserved in these pictures. Here is a set of our favorites.






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